Call for book reviews (closed)

I wrote a guilloche book for Adobe Illustrator users.

[edit] The review process closed October 23, 2013. A special thanks to all who participated. My book is published and available at Amazon. Here is the post about the book release:

Illustrator guilloche book is available

Book cover draft
Book cover draft

I need Illustrator users of all experience levels to review and comment on the book. Please comment on any text or image you think needs clarification. Definitely comment if there is a problem with the exercise steps. If you can, please complete all of the exercises. I will consider all suggestions, so don’t be shy.

The exercises are designed for Illustrator CS5 through CC. The exercise files are in CS5 format. The book images are of the CS6/CC user interface.

The Process [completed and closed, thank you]

  • Sign up in the contact form.
    • The email you provide is where the download link is sent.
    • Please put Book Review in the Subject field.
    • NEAUG folks, please use the subject line from your message board.
    • I want to gauge the book content to user experience. Please put your Illustrator experience level in the Message field (Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced Professional or number of years using Illustrator).
    • Please include the Illustrator version you are using and whether you use Mac or Windows.
  • If selected, you will receive a link to download the files.
  • Use Adobe Reader to make comments in the book PDF (text comments or sticky notes).
  • Make suggestions about the exercise files right in that section of the book.
  • If you have a problem with the download or use of the files, please let me know immediately. I will correct the problem ASAP.
  • Please return the commented PDF form, to the email address provided, by the end of October 23.
  • To receive a printed book after it is published, I will need your shipping address. I can get that after you return the book PDF.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your interest and participation!