Dynamic Corners Complement Illustrator Live Corners

The Dynamic Corners feature of Astute Graphic’s (Super) VectorScribe 2 plugin complement the new Live Corners features in Adobe Illustrator. In this video, Nicolas Van Der Walle (Nick) demonstrates the usefulness of Dynamic Corners in Vectorscribe 2 paired with the new corner features in Illustrator. Dynamic Corners are not only still relevant but complements Live Corners nicely.

If you have never tried Vectorscribe, check out the free trial at:


Don’t forget that Astute Graphics has a free plugin (yes free). SubScribe does all this:

Circle by two or three points
Tangent circle
Curvature circle
Arc by three point
Arc start-end-direction
Line tangent to two paths
Line tangent to path
Line tangent from path
Line perpendicular to two paths
Line perpendicular to path
Line perpendicular from path

I use this plugin all the time. It’s a real time saver. Don’t do this stuff the hard way. The license for SubScribe is free at


I use several plugins from Astute Graphics and I am not paid to represent them. These are wonderful products. They have always been pleasant and helpful.