Illustrator guilloche book is available

Guilloche Designs with Adobe Illustrator: Brushes, Blends and Transforms

My book was recently published and can be found on Amazon (US, UK and Europe).


It was my aim to devise new methods of creating guilloche designs in Illustrator and consolidate them with the best existing methods to create an interesting journey for the reader. The book is 216 pages in 8.5 x 11 inch (US letter size) format. There are 38 exercises and examples, all with downloadable companion files to help you get started. Most exercises have a section called Things To Try, that suggests things you can do to continue your journey into guilloche design. The methods in the book are designed to help you develop these sometimes complex graphics without having to draw minute details or even know where to start. They lend themselves to exploration. When you see something that you like you can continue in that direction until you have the perfect design for your project.

All of the artwork on the book cover was created with simple shapes and the methods in this book.

Have a look on Amazon. Clicking anywhere but the”Buy from Amazon” button takes you to the Amazon page with the product description.

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